Eye On the Future

An economic leader of the psn code generator future, full of hi-tech potential and wild west entrepreneurial spirit

Nature - Steps Away

Miles of trails, bayous and other outdoor wonders that make Houston naturally green

David Adkickes Studio

Unique cultural crusades and a preeminent art community that thrives in the heart of the mymathlab answers city

Diverse, Eclectic, Industrious

Welcome to Houston, the American metropolis of the 21st century! Home to cultures as diverse as you can find! We’re a what can you do with a criminal justice degree city that operates like a town - fostering personality, vinyl fence Orange County CA culture and a distinctive character that welcomes any and all visitors. Our city works hard, plays hard, lives well and always gives back. Come see what we’re all about and join us in bringing the World’s Fair back to the US!


You can make a contribution to EXPO 2020 Houston today! Please mail your tax-deductible contribution to:

Houston World’s Fair, Inc.
2444 Times Boulevard
Suite 100-D
Houston, TX 77005



Idea Box

We want to hear your ideas! Whether you’re a native to Texas or just excited at the prospect of hosting a World’s Fair in the US again – we want to know what YOU think would make this the best US EXPO ever.
We welcome your comments.
Privacy Policy

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Eiffel Tower | Paris, France Expo 1889